Democracy 2012

This election season has been quite interesting for me to watch. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am pretty liberal in my politics, especially concerning social issues. I do want fiscal responsibility, but not at the expense of much needed programs. While I don’t think the Obama administration has delivered on all of the promises of the last election (but what President ever does? Campaign promises are really easy to make) I cannot fathom voting for Romney/Ryan for so many different reasons and I will outline a few here.

1. Social issues. Let’s focus on women’s reproductive health today. The Republican party platform calls out that they are pro-life (anti-choice) and will not even concede in cases of rape, incest or the mother’s health. This is purely due to religious influence and not science or logical thought. In this day and age I find it appalling that politicians are having such a hard time with the constitutional establishment clause. The reason we have a constitutional establishment clause is to keep religion out of politics. This is not a plutocracy, this is a democratic republic. You can have your religious beliefs, just please, stop trying to inject them into the nations politics. Yes, the majority of Americans (78% according to the Pew Forum) are Christians of some form or another. But that leaves 22% of Americans who are not. Your god has no place in our nations politics per the constitution. Please people, it’s time to stop letting old, rich, white, right wing, religious men try to dictate what is best for matters women’s reproductive health. Can we please let that stay between a woman and her doctor? If I have to hear one more grey-haired old white man tell me what they think about rape, pregnancy and abortion I think I might puke all over myself. The right wings likes to make up these ghost stories about ObamaCare such as death panels. But yet sticking their noses into a woman’s vagina is fine and friggin dandy. Stop the hypocrisy.

2. The economy. Romney is running on a platform based on his business career. The Romney/Ryan campaign has been saying that the Obama administration is “picking winners and losers” due to the DOE investments in many green energy companies, including their poster child, the solar company Solyndra. They have claimed that half of those companies have gone bankrupt. But, actually only 5 of the 63 companies, 8% have gone under. Now, how about Romney’s success at Bain? During his watch at Bain, according to the Wall Street Journal, 22% of the companies invested in went bankrupt. Not exactly a stellar record in comparison. Again, more lies and hypocrisy. The Romney/Ryan campaign continues this stump speech language of “picking winners and losers” while at the exact same time they say they want to put federal money into technology, science, research & infrastructure. Which is exactly what they are criticizing the Obama administration for doing. You can’t have it both ways. Again, more hypocrisy. Is the economy where it should be? No. Is there more work to do? Yes. Is Romney going to do it better by revising the failed policies that drove us into recession in the first place? Come on, use your brain.

3. Pandering. Mitt Romney is the worst political opportunist I have ever seen. Pandering to the audience depending on who the audience is. From his infamous 47% speech to his transformation from a far right conservative on the campaign trail into a very centrist candidate in the debates. He has held every position on every issue possible. Google “Mitt Romney Flip Flop”, there are dozens of videos documenting these facts. The man has no integrity, no credibility. This is a matter of character. The republicans destroyed John Kerry for being a flip-flopper when he ran against Bush, but for Romney it’s ok? Really? You may not like Obama’s convictions, but at least he has them and sticks with them. Romney will say anything to anyone to be the candidate he thinks they are looking for. For me, that is not a person I want in the White House. We have absolutely no way of knowing which Mitt Romney will be there, because he is a political chameleon, and I find that frightening. Again, more hypocrisy.

There are more reasons to go on about with this, but for today I think this a good jumping off spot. Do I love Obama? No, I am sorta disappointed in his first term. Do I think Romney is a better option? Oh hell no.

I find it terribly sad that our political system has decayed into a system of “Who do you hate the least”.

– Steele



  1. Thank you Dave for putting this together. Like most people out there I agree with you on some points and disagree on others. That is good, we are all entitled to our own views a beliefs. I consider myself neither a democrat or republican. I am totally sick of both words and am beginning to think they should be wiped out of the English language. It doesn’t appear that anyone out there running for ANY office, be it local, state or federal) sees fit to have an honest thought process going on. I don’t even think some of them have the intelligence to tie their shoes. I recall a couple of years ago when Congressman Hank Johnson from Georgia made the comment that he didn’t think we should send anymore troops to Guam because it might capsize the island. I bet that was a real comforting thought in the minds of the people of his state. Today, like most, I am trying to decide who to vote for in this presidential election, and find it sad to feel as you do, that our political system has decayed to the point of basing my vote on which candidate I dislike the least. PRETTY DAMN SAD.

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