Two Countries….One Election

Well for my first post here I want to speak to a broader audience. A few days ago the people of the US chose to elect Obama for another four years. Being a conservative in some rights and libertarian in others it’s a hard election to swallow for me, however the divisive nature of the election here in Canada is what has perplexed me. Growing up in Calgary then Houston and other places in the south I have seen both sides of liberalism and conservatism from the extreme to the passive and lazy. What confounds me living in the most conservative place in Canada the anger and feeling towards our American counterparts politically is so large.

I started to notice the large divide especially in Calgary during the G8 summit held here in 2002. I had just recently moved up, had a thick accent and noticed everyone asking where I was from. I was used to this moving from Calgary to Houston at a young age having a Canadian accent. The response I got in Texas was always haha you live in the snow or do you have a dogsled? (asked by my 4th grade teacher) but the response was always good-hearted and fun never mean. Coming back to Canada was a different story. The responses I heard here were “oh you must love George Bush” or the always great gem “Start any wars lately?” or “You carry a gun everywhere in Texas” however not delivered with the same light heartedness and joking tone I got in Texas. It was then I started to realize that just being raised in Texas would automatically make me a gun-toting religious nutter to anyone I met. I always tried to keep my opinions to myself for a while when I got here because I was so different on social issues like immigration, gun control, social programs, welfare, personal right and freedoms. Then I realized that I was the minority in this country.

Fast forward to the 2004 election. Yes I think G.W. was the best choice to lead the country for another four years. There I said it, everyone knows I think it and always will. The strange thing was living in Calgary and watching it unfold through the eyes of the people here. There was fear and hatred for the republican party and not being part of the “coalition on the willing” in Iraq made every self righteous liberal in the country puff their chest out a little more. Calgary however was different. I would speak to the people instead of being angry they would speak of what the US is going to do to us (Canadians) and how the man who flew planes into his own buildings could be elected president again. I found myself just amazed that due to the liberal ownership of the media and Internet Zeitgeist movies educating the  masses that such a thing could take root here and actually seem like it has social merit. Then the recount….wow this has to be happening now…Then Kerry concedes but it will never be thought of as a win for G.W. just a loss for Kerry by cheating…

All the while the softwood lumber disagreement was happening. Thousands of Canadian workers were laid off due to duties placed on Canadian lumber. This enrages a public in Canada that never cared about anything before, now its the big bad US telling us what we can and can’t do. This was a big blow to the cross border feeling of the everyday Canadian. It was seen as the US cash grabbing our small and fragile country. Who were they to bully us? (oh wait they are our largest trading partner) For the “big Brother” of North America to put restrictions on us? Were the good guys. All of a sudden we have to have a passport to go the US?  There will be unmanned drones flying around our borders?  These were all invasions of a paranoid, war loving, anti drug, super christian government that we didn’t elect, so said most of the people here. The anti US sentiment that I am so uncomfortable with was getting larger.


2008 Obama vs Mcain…..What is my party thinking a poorly run campaign with poor candidates and poor strategy. Always being asked because I grew up in Texas who should win? My answer was always the same “Whoever the republican candidate is” Obama wins that election easily. The sentiment in Calgary is that “we” won somehow. Who is we?  We are not american. We cannot vote. His policies will be accepted or denied by the Prime Minister of Canada. Why do we not care about the elections in our own country as much as the one in the US?  What has Obama said to the Canadian populace to make him love him so much? Did he promise to open the borders back up…no. Did he promise to give Canadians a free vacation? No. He was simply different. Not in race or education. Not because he was raised rich or poor. He spoke to people and they listened. The only problem to me was what he was saying had no merit. Not to us in Canada, but the thought of an American President being in tune with our socialist and liberal point of view things could only get better. Obamacare , free cell phones, its like a buffet at the teat of the taxpayers, which is no different than here even with a  Conservative Government.


During the next four years I was told that Obama was “giving everyone in the US” healthcare and that he would be the reason the economy would rise again. These are bold-faced lies told by the liberal Canadian media that uneducated masses take as fact and run to their friends and then it becomes truth. The first battle over Obamacare in the senate showed these flaws to the american people but somehow the facts got lost coming up north. As far as people here are concerned Obamacare is the same as our socialized 1 tier medical system. Free for everyone because he thinks the providers are making too much money. What #$@$ is that I have never heard that statement in the hundreds of hours I spend a month reading both sides of the news then finding the truth afterwards. We all soon found out that the plan was not so easy and that people were going to have to be taxed ro penalized for certain actions and that didn’t sit well with some but others could overlook it. The US economy meanwhile was going down. The housing crash and mounting debt were more to the liking of people here in Canada because our dollar was now equal or sometime worth more than the US dollar a feat that hadn’t happened  since I was a kid. Is this what everyone wanted the US to crash so we could benefit? I couldn’t believe my passive Canadian brothers were actually happy for the economical state of our largest trading partner. But to say to anyone here between 18- 35 that Obama wasn’t really doing his job was crazy. It was all G.W.’s fault Obama had so much debt coming into it he had no way to help this was all still the Republicans fault for starting wars and protecting the nation..

2012..Obama vs Romney…..Certain people in my party decide to coin terms like “legitimate rape” and start ramping up the crazy again. Abortion comes back up and religious nut jobs are rampantly speaking their minds. These things are what gets reported on in Canada. Not the huge bailout of the auto industry. pandering to welfare recipients, the blatant spending of this administration on programs that I don’t believe will help. Mitt Romney is portrayed by social media and the liberal media as a pro-life, Gun loving NRA crazy, Magic Underwear, the whole 9 yards. Nothing bad is said of choices that Obama had made, even very recent mistakes . Benghazi where marines lost their lives with gunships an hour away. Fast and Furious where we let guns walk away then kill our own. People in Canada had never heard of these things but if Facebook had meme on it about Obama being great it was liked thousands of time a meme of Romney being a terrible choice liked hundreds of thousands of times.

Election night I know Obama would win I could hope otherwise but I knew. I was sitting at my bar talking to people about what they think. The prevailing opinion was that Obama should win because he couldn’t do anything his first term cause he was saddled with debt from the previous administration. I explained that in the first term GW Bush had enacted the patriot act, declared war on another country, enacted no child left behind, Raised taxes, all in the first term while dealing with the largest terrorist attack on US soil. Why had everything been so slow coming in the first four years ,what was going to change in the next 4 years? The general opinion I got here was once again that anything is better than a republican, it doesn’t matter what the platform, who the candidate is, or what the other person has done in their life.

In the aftermath of Tuesday night I found myself hoping that Obama would do a great job in his 2nd term. Then i get online to see what people are saying. The scariest thing was going online and reading what the people were saying it wasnt about Obama winning or the state of the nation. It seemed to be about how women and minorities had escaped a great wrong by electing Obama. That somehow if Romney would have won that every vagina would be run by him and some scary vagina panel. He would force girls to have babies, not allow them to have safe sex. Take away minorities rights, outlaw abortion, give everyone a gun, and somehow make us all wear magic underwear.

Well uneducated voters of America and very uneducated youth of Canada you have won. You have won an election based on fear, lies and conjecture. I can only hope better for Canada in our next election…..but I wont hold my breath




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