Last Sunday, May 5, 2013 an article came out in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper entitled  ‘FOR MOST CEOs, 2012 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR’.  It was about the salaries that CEOs of large companies are bringing in.  I believe that all of the companies they listed have their home offices here in St. Louis.  After  reading the article I became so infuriated with the way companies take care or their so called ‘upper echelon’.  When the ‘everyday men and women’ working for companies usually just enough to get by, the CEOs  are making in the MILLIONS And I DO mean MILLIONS.   PLUS MORE MILLIONS IN BONUS & INCENTIVE PAY,  STOCK OPTIONS,  STOCK AWARDS,  PENSIONS AND  ‘ALL OTHER’ (what ever that is.)  ARE THE WORTH IT?  I THINK NOT.

Even though I see this as only a symptom of many woes that face the people in this country today, I feel that addressing financial stability of the everyday wage earner is extremely important.  After all, if you can’t afford enough to eat, or medicine for a ailing family member it is hard to focus on anything else that we may, and surely do need to be look at and paying attention to.  Things such as what appears to be the decline in our social structure.  Producing a society of MANY who present and act on the premise that…  “I want what I want when I want it, and will have it no matter who it hurts or kills.  I don’t have tolerate you,  I don’t have to care about you,  I don’t have to respect you,  Me, I am the only one that matters.”  All of which, in my opinion reeks of a bunch of insecure people who don’t know how to respect or love themselves let alone anyone else.  One well, another issue you think.


But, back to the point, with the financial state our entire country is in I would think that these ‘upper echelon’ folks would be embarrassed and ashamed to bring home the huge sums of money they do. But then,  I have been know (at times) to think wrongly.   Apparently it does not bother these high rollers that increasing numbers of their own communities are going to food banks, loosing their homes or doing without badly needed medications.  Or, that the entire financial structure of our country is crumbling.  If it did,  you would think that AT LEAST a few of them would have the decency to step forward and forgo their tremendous salary for a SHORT period, maybe even a whole year, so that the guys at the bottom of the totem pole in his or her company could be given a decent raise.  I am not talking a huge raise, just enough so that they can provide properly for their families.  I don’t know what the average salary of CEOs in this country is, or what percentage of those CEOs are making a million and over a year.  So, I am just going to pick a number out of the air and say that I feel safe in saying that there are a GREAT number of CEOs across this country bringing in  $12,000.000.00 per year.   You should also know that $12,000,000.00 is a DROP IN THE BUCKET as to what some CEOs make.  What do you think would happen if one of those CEOs making a salary of $12,000,000.00 a year,  choose to forgo their salary for ONE year,  so that their employees could each have a $1000.00 a month raise.  That isn’t much, but in many cases it would mean the difference in being able to properly provide of their families, or obtaining their food from a food bank.  I doubt very seriously that the CEO would have to give up many of their $6 to $8 cups of coffee.

Then there is the state of our country today.  Think about what could be accomplished nationwide if hypothetically only 50 CEOs across this country who have been making $12,000.000.00 a year were to forgo their salary for 1 year, and  they lived off of their savings from the years before.  Now, lets say that money was placed into a fund.  You do the math,  that fund would contain $600,000,000.00 folks.  Now lets double that and make it 100 CEOs.  Do the math again and we are talking $1,200,000.000.00.   Personally I will stop doing the math at this point because like the average person out there, when you get up into those kinds of numbers, it begins to boggle my mind.

I hope that people reading this do not think that I am targeting the CEOs or the wealthy because I harbor some jealous resentments. Or that I see them as the source of financial problems in our communities, towns, cities, counties, state, or country.  There is nothing farther from the truth.  I have no problem with heads of companies making tons of money.  They have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and I am glad there are people out there to fill the role they do.  There has always been and will always be a need for a every wrung on that proverbial ladder, from bottom to top.  And every one of them is necessary.  I simply don’t believe that ANYONE is worth that kind of pay.  I don’t care who or what they are or where they come from.  I don’t care who their father or mother was.  I don’t care what color or religion their are.  I don’t care what their education cost.


But since they are receiving that kind of salary I personally don’t think it would hurt them to step up to the plate and help their fellow man and country out.  I am sure their generosity would be gratefully appreciated and they would get the benefit of helping others and the since of pride that comes along with the good deed.

And just maybe, those who receive of their gift will feel a little gratitude for a change,  instead of defeated.  A little respect in place of contempt.  Or a little hope for all of mankind.


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