We are a group of regular folks with ideas and opinions. We are scattered throughout the country and our relationships with one another take place primarily through social media. Some of us are Conservative, some are Liberal, and some of us are somewhere in the middle. We all believe in the power of the Broca Divide.

What is the Broca Divide? Paul Broca was a 19th century anthropologist who mapped out the area of the human brain responsible for processing language. Broca claimed that our ability to process language separates humans from other primates. The implications are enormous, for it is language–how we formulate it, and how we use it–that is responsible for how we evolve socially, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally as individuals and as a society.

We created this website because we like to share our ideas and opinions. We love to read and write, discuss and debate. But we are looking for more than regurgitated platitudes and political-party-plated opinions. We love politics, but revile the party line, whatever the party. We don’t want to be put in a box. For example, don’t assume that because I’m pro-capitalism that I’m against the legalization of marijuana or that I’m against gay marriage. And don’t assume that because I’m in favor of these things, I’m a moderate or a Libertarian.

In fact, don’t assume. Don’t assume that everything negative you read about the other party’s candidate is true. Don’t assume that the clever political eCard your friend posted on her FB page has any value. Don’t assume that because someone has a TV or radio show, has published a book, or holds an office that they know something you don’t know

We share one other common attribute. Each of us has demonstrated the ability to argue passionately while continuing to maintain our dignity, our ability to be convinced that we’re wrong, and our respect for one another.

So we welcome you into the fold. Read what you like, but realize there is no editor-in chief at Broca Divide. Every writer is fully responsible for her or his content. Each of us may post whatever she or he pleases. Please feel free to post comments. Argue passionately.  There are no rules for comments, but you should know that each writer can delete your comment for any reason…or no reason at all. They may respond if they choose, but they’re not required to do so.

Our hope is that you, the reader, will find something of value here, but more importantly, that you will offer something of value to the discussion. From time to time, we will ask readers who frequently provide valuable posts to join our staff of writers.

Mostly, we want you to enjoy this site, to participate, to join us on the verbal side of the Broca Divide.


– The Broca Divide


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