Empty Bedrooms: How a Slick PR Campaign Convinced a Nation to Turn its Children over to Criminals, Sociopaths and Child Abusers

In July of 2003, Lulu Corter won a $6.5 million settlement against K.I.D.S. of New Jersey and its founder, Miller Newton.  K.I.D.S. was a controversial drug rehabilitation program where Corter had been held from 1984, when she was 13, until she escaped in 1997 at the age of 26. When Lulu was 13, her parents […]

Election Day

I stare at the naked eyes And I hear the hollow, hungry cries And the streets are full of empty energy And naked eyes have never seen a dream, Without eclipse And the poet leans to kiss her lips But his work is just a frozen tear ‘Cause shell-shocked ears refuse to hear the cry […]