Aren’t We All Immigrants, Really?

My father is a genealogist. He spent about 25 years researching our family history and eventually published a book on it. I am quite lucky to have this and to be able know everything about my family roots going back generations and centuries to the Tudor era of the 1400’s. I am a mutt of […]

An Open Letter To Topher Grace

I am a bit of a Star Wars geek. Not necessarily the sort that has read everything the Extended Universe offers or has Star Wars tech spec books, but a bit of a geek none the less. I was lucky enough to be a young boy when the original trilogy films were released to the […]

The Prohibition Is Dangling By Its Last String

I am very pleased to see that the people of 2 of the 3 states with propositions to end the prohibition of cannabis spoke up and agreed that it makes no sense to keep spending billions of dollars trying to enforce this prohibition. Between these states votes and the current case in the United States […]

Democracy 2012

This election season has been quite interesting for me to watch. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am pretty liberal in my politics, especially concerning social issues. I do want fiscal responsibility, but not at the expense of much needed programs. While I don’t think the Obama administration has delivered on all of […]