NO ONE IS WORTH THAT Last Sunday, May 5, 2013 an article came out in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper entitled  ‘FOR MOST CEOs, 2012 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR’.  It was about the salaries that CEOs of large companies are bringing in.  I believe that all of the companies they listed have their home […]

Turning a Hoax Into Hope: Exclusive interview with Powerball photo hoaxer Nolan Daniels – what really happened and how he’s going to make it right

Nolan Daniels shared a photo on Facebook of himself holding up a doctored Powerball ticket, and the now-infamous “photo shared ‘round the world” became the most shared photo in Facebook history. I sat down and interviewed him*, and learned about how the idea came about, why it went viral, the frenzy surrounding it, the support, […]

Empty Bedrooms: How a Slick PR Campaign Convinced a Nation to Turn its Children over to Criminals, Sociopaths and Child Abusers

In July of 2003, Lulu Corter won a $6.5 million settlement against K.I.D.S. of New Jersey and its founder, Miller Newton.  K.I.D.S. was a controversial drug rehabilitation program where Corter had been held from 1984, when she was 13, until she escaped in 1997 at the age of 26. When Lulu was 13, her parents […]

Aren’t We All Immigrants, Really?

My father is a genealogist. He spent about 25 years researching our family history and eventually published a book on it. I am quite lucky to have this and to be able know everything about my family roots going back generations and centuries to the Tudor era of the 1400’s. I am a mutt of […]

Two Countries….One Election

Well for my first post here I want to speak to a broader audience. A few days ago the people of the US chose to elect Obama for another four years. Being a conservative in some rights and libertarian in others it’s a hard election to swallow for me, however the divisive nature of the election here […]

The Prohibition Is Dangling By Its Last String

I am very pleased to see that the people of 2 of the 3 states with propositions to end the prohibition of cannabis spoke up and agreed that it makes no sense to keep spending billions of dollars trying to enforce this prohibition. Between these states votes and the current case in the United States […]

Election Day

I stare at the naked eyes And I hear the hollow, hungry cries And the streets are full of empty energy And naked eyes have never seen a dream, Without eclipse And the poet leans to kiss her lips But his work is just a frozen tear ‘Cause shell-shocked ears refuse to hear the cry […]

The Broca Divide

A child’s first word. No matter the word, it is a milestone. It is the first time a sound finds a shape, curling and wrapping itself into a formulated expression of thought and feeling.  Every parent, every person who loves that little child celebrates that first word; celebrates the process of a developing mind. Do […]